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Why People Use Carbonetes

Secrets Analysis

“I included my AWS key in my code, then without thinking I uploaded it to my free/open Github account. Someone must have an app spidering Github, because in a matter of minutes I got emails from AWS saying I had 15 extra large instances in every Zone. I’m guessing they were mining crypto. I had to write a quick python script to close them all down. I got stuck with a $10,000+ bill on AWS, fortunately they worked with me on the issue. I assume this happens a lot.”
– TY, now a user of Carbonetes.


“We had an all hands meeting at my company where the CTO announced that we had been breached and our data was already for sale on the Dark Web. We kicked off a forensic analysis on the attack vector and found it was my colleague, who used an older and vulnerable image. Fired him on the spot, totally brutal. The CTO found Carbonetes that day on AWS and signed us up.”
– JI, now a user of Carbonetes.

License Analysis – *Satire*

“I can’t say the name of the company, but we built a new social network on Mastodon, ‘cause it sounds like “Massa Don”. We’re just about to launch when our “Big Boss” sees on Fox News that we have to open source the whole codebase because Mastodon uses the AGPL license…who knew. Now the Big Boss is orange with anger and his SPAC is dropping in the market. Now we have to scan everything we use for license issues.”
– DT Jr., now a user of Carbonetes.
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