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A comprehensive overview of our features


The most comprehensive container security analysis in the market. No need to assemble bits and pieces; Carbonetes provides complete Container Application Security Testing (CAST) with best-in-class results.


Container Security-as-a-Service. Don’t waste your time with installing and managing various on-prem partial solutions; Let us handle that for you. We’re here to make your development faster and easier.


All we do is containers, this focus, and integration with Kubernetes, makes us your perfect solution.

Automated Compliance

Automated Compliance

Create and manage policies across each analyzer, for the most complete compliance solution on the market today. Policies are fully automated and transparent to the dev process, so they help increase DevOps productivity.

Data-Driven Governance

Data-Driven Governance

Carbonetes captures rich information,
all in one place, across each analyzer. This information is available in dashboards, drilldown, sliced by date and exportable. It is the ultimate solution for governance with amazing historical visibility.



Packaged integrations with leading tools like Jenkins (CI/CD), Jira (Bug Tracking), top container registries, and a powerful API for custom integrations enables Carbonetes to seamlessly fit into, and automate, any SDLC workflow.



Get your analysis results faster! By running in Kube and leveraging Knative, Carbonetes creates a large number of pods to analyze your images far faster than old-school sequential processing used by our competition.

Amazing Dashboard

Amazing Dashboards

Carbonetes puts all of the data you need right at your fingertips. Our snapshot views highlight the important high-level results and policy response. Then you can drill down to the detail you need to rectify any issue.

Deploy With Confidence

Deploy with Confidence

With the most comprehensive analysis, including best-in-class vulnerability evaluation, you can deploy your containers into Kubernetes with total confidence.

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